Meet Zac Smith.

Photo: Zac Smith

Zac is the CEO and Founder of Traveling Hands Company. With almost 20 years experience, Zac has worked at virtually every level of the spa industry. Ranging from locker room attendant all the way to General Manager of two multi-million dollar establishments, and now a business owner, Zac has always been aware of the importance of high-end customer service as well as having a quality product.  After a car accident left him unable to perform massage work, he discovered that cannabis infused topicals and their anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties helped to rid him of all pain without the use of opiod-based pain killers.  And that was the lightbulb moment! 

Zac decided right then and there to devote his career and passion for helping others by incorporating THC and CBD infused oil into his massage practices and that has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.  He has been a constant educator and advocate of the healing properties and benefits of cannabis. By using these oils to actually provide people pain relief and not getting anyone high, it helps to validate the medical applications of this plant instead of focusing on the recreational side of things.  

Having worked for years in high end environments, Zac knows it’s the little things and attention to detail that are truly appreciated by the client.  Obviously the cannabis oil separates Traveling Hands Company from other mobile massage services, but the hand selected team of therapists is where the Company's pride truly lies. Each therapist is carefully selected by Zac himself and categorized into specific strengths such that services are customized and paired with the therapist that best suits the client's needs. 

Founded in 2016, Traveling Hands Company currently offers services to clients in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. Already the top choice for VIP artist services, Traveling Hands team members can be spotted backstage from Coachella to Comic-con.  So discover what the stars already know!

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"I would absolutely recommend this massage option for anyone in San Diego!

First off, I just want to say that I cannot say enough about the insane level of comfort Traveling Hands has provided! I am skiddish about massages in general, but the therapists here go above and beyond to maintain a professionalism I haven't really experienced in other areas of San Diego. Every massage I have received here has been so incredibly relaxing and I would absolutely recommend this massage option for anyone in San Diego! Always on time, professional, and so incredibly accommodating that is really takes the experience to a whole different level. Thank you traveling hands!!!!!!

— Charlie W.

As soon as I heard about this I had to try!


Wow what a great idea. As soon as I heard about this I had to try! They come to you with certified massage therapist and give you massage with infused oil. Works better than you think. Excellent experience will try again and again. Thanks Zac.

— Jared Q.

All around, I could not have been happier with the service or the results!!.

I love a good massage and this was definitely one of, if not THE, best one I have ever received! Brandy was able to identify all of my trouble spots, including ones I didn't even realize I had, and adjusted pressure throughout the massage based on my body's response without me even having to say anything. I have had massages in the past that either didn't do much or left me sore the following day, but this was perfect - relaxing, soothing, and no soreness after. I got the massage after a big hiking and camping trip so my body was tired and my muscles tense and the oil was also very soothing and relaxing. I felt amazing for days after! Also, with two kids, it's sometimes hard to make time for self care but having Traveling Hands come to our home made it so much easier! All around, I could not have been happier with the service or the results!!

— Leslie G.

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