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Our team is comprised of highly skilled, carefully selected, massage professionals. We provide therapeutic, in-home massage using only organic oils that have been infused with THC and CBD. These compounds have been derived from organic cannabis flower and have undergone laboratory testing to ensure a consistent, effective product.

Our massages are customized to the client and their body's needs. Our infused oils reduce pain, inflammation, and anxiety, coaxing our clients' bodies into a deeper state of relaxation, allowing our massage therapists to move more deeply and effectively into the muscle.

Traveling Hands operates within a 10 mile radius of downtown San Diego. A travel fee may apply to locations outside of the home area.


Serving Greater San Diego County

*Travel fee may apply if more than 10 miles from downtown.


About the Owner...

At Traveling Hands, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge of cannabis, plant medicine, and holistic health. Our mission is to educate and help heal as many people as possible with the powers of this magical plant when combined with massage therapy.

I have been working in the wellness industry for over 18 years. I have been providing therapeutic massage for almost 14 of those years. I've always been drawn to the healing arts, as

I grew up with a registered Homeopath for a father and a Marriage and Family Therapist for a mother. These things, coupled with a deep belief of the healing power of the Cannabis plant, have led me to starting this company and providing relief to the people who need it most.

After a car accident left me in a lot of pain and unable to perform my massage therapy work, I started looking into pain relieving alternatives to the narcotics prescribed by many physicians. Aware of the fact that these “medications” do little other than mask the pain or injury, I began seeking alternatives.

I came across the idea of using cannabis as a pain-relieving, topical rub. After applying a cannabis-infused coconut oil, I felt almost immediate relief. With continued use, the pain gradually subsided, and I am now back to performing my massages pain-free!

―Zac Smith, Owner/Operator CAMTC LIC# 38177